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San Pietro a Pettine Estate

A journey through time and tradition in the heart of Umbria

Nestled between Assisi and Spoleto, the San Pietro a Pettine Estate takes its name from the rural Romanesque church located within the property. For many years, the church was used as a shelter for livestock but was completely renovated and restored by the owners and their family to return it to its millennial splendor.

In these pristine and deeply spiritual places, also chosen by Saint Francis as a stop during his journeys to Rome, amidst the grandeur of ancient woods and numerous reserved truffle grounds, Carlo Caporicci and his family have established their home and the San Pietro a Pettine Agricultural Estate. Here, for heartfelt reasons, it would be impossible to establish the boundaries between one and the other.

San Pietro a Pettine’s Cuisine

San Pietro a Pettine Estate is a charming retreat where you can immerse yourself in a pure relaxation experience. Located in the heart of Umbria, this estate offers not only an oasis of tranquility but also a true feast for the palate. Its gourmet restaurant will delight you with authentic Umbrian cuisine prepared with the highest quality local ingredients. But the real specialty is the prized truffle, harvested directly from the surrounding grounds. You can savor exquisite dishes enriched with this culinary gem, an experience that will leave you speechless. So, if you’re looking for a place to unwind and indulge your taste buds, San Pietro a Pettine Estate is the perfect spot for you.

Experience the great adventure of
truffle hunting

San Pietro a Pettine truly wants everyone to be able to step into their world. To make this possible, visitors who are interested will be guided by Brunello and his faithful dogs. You will enjoy an Authentic Truffle Hunt and you’ll discover centuries old forests and our protected truffle beds. You’ll make memories and live through an experience that no book or documentary could rival.

Tartufo San Pietro a Pettine