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My name is Alan Macagnino

I am the founder and owner of The Fine Truffle Ltd

Already being an adult with a settled life in Italy, at one point, I decided to radically change everything and move to live in London. Naturally, things weren’t so easy at the beginning, living in a country without friends, without family, and with limited spoken English. But soon, I found myself and became a successful trader in the Italian markets.

My activities have always been linked to Italian traditional culture and cuisine, and one day fate brought me into contact with a man who eventually became my business partner, friend, and family member. Carlo Caporicci, the founder and owner of San Pietro a Pettine, passed on his love and passion for truffles to me.

Having started the truffle business from scratch, I managed to establish relationships with over 200 customers, from small restaurants to large groups and Michelin-starred restaurants, from Italian delis to famous British department stores. But despite that, there are no small or unimportant customers for The Fine Truffle.

We practice an individual approach with each client and strive to provide the best service and products for all of them.

For us, the concept of “out of season” doesn’t exist. We work with different regions in different countries, which allows us to always have fresh truffles in stock. We buy truffles from Italy all year round and according to season we have available truffles from Spain, Wales and Australia.

Our goal is to serve our customers with the best products and the best care.

Why choose The Fine Truffle?

Passion and Knowledge: Alan Macagnino and his team share a deep passion for truffles and have extensive experience in the industry.

Unmatched Quality: We work closely with San Pietro a Pettine in Umbria to ensure the superior quality of our truffles.

Sustainability: We are committed to promoting sustainable harvesting practices to preserve the future of truffles.

Personalized Customer Service: Our team is always at your service to provide personalized assistance and advice.

Tartufo San Pietro a Pettine

Buy prized Italian truffles

We guarantee high quality truffles with our short supply chain