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Tartufo San Pietro a Pettine
Tenuta San Pietro a Pettine

There are special spots
that some people like to call
“Places of the Soul”

Located between Assisi and Spoleto, Tenuta di San Pietro a Pettine was named after the rural Romanesque church that stands on the property.

The Church was relegated to being used as shelter for cattle for many years. It was then completely renovated and restored by my family and I so that it could return to its original splendour.

These uncontaminated spaces and their profound spirituality were also visited by St. Francis as a stop during his journeys to Rome.
It is within the grandeur of centuries-old woods and the multitude of reserved truffle grounds that I established my home and the San Pietro a Pettine Farm. Here, for reasons of the heart, it would be impossible to establish the boundaries between one and the other.

A story about people

“Nothing would have been possible without the people who have always surrounded me.
I am thinking of Loredana, who is always by my side. I am thinking about my daughters, who were born and raised in San Pietro a Pettine, and my mother who is always “on the ball” each and every morning. I am thinking of Bruno, the undisputed leader of our truffle hunters, who has looked after me since I was a child. Of Simone, the young truffle whisperer. Sara, who has grown up in my home, and Anna Maria, who with her wisdom is there to protect me and to temper my daily follies. Mario, my faithful childhood friend and incomparable workmate, and the talented Alice and her very young team in our restaurant, “La Cucina.” And I am also thinking of everyone else, far too many to mention. You are all indispensable.”

– Carlo Caporicci –

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